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5 Fabulous Picnic Spots in San Mateo County

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Spring at San Gregorio State Park south of Half Moon Bay, Calif. Photo courtesy of Sharon Worth, Worth Photography.

From our archives— August 2010

by Liz Hamill

Summer’s in full bloom, which means kids out of school, the occasional stunning fogless day, and picnics. Picnics can be as simple as lemonade and sandwiches on paper plates or as majestic as a five-course gourmet feast served on white linen with silver and crystal. I like to think of picnics as celebrations mixed with self-care. Far less expensive than an afternoon at a spa, a picnic still takes me out of my day-to-day grind and lets me spend a couple of hours delighting my senses.

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Memories of Memorial Park in Pescadero

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Are You Really 21 Years Old?

Happy Birthday Michael!

We want our readers to become better acquainted with the San Mateo County coast and what it has to offer. But I really can’t resist talking about my grandson, Michael Silvia, who turns 21 on February 28, 2011. He was born when his parents were living in Pescadero on Dearborn Creek Road.

We have fond and not-so-fond memories of the giant banana slugs found in the redwoods and many memorable trips to the beach with Sparkle the family dog. We shared many meals at Duartes Tavern and hikes and picnics in surrounding parks. Our favorite was Memorial Park (a short drive south of Half Moon Bay) where we enjoyed many hikes. After they moved to the Peninsula to be closer to their jobs, we often camped at Memorial Park on weekends.

Banana slug. Photo courtesy of Wendy Geise. See her blog link below.

A trail in Memorial Park.

They would return every year for the PAFF festivalwhere the boys (eventually two — Michael and Robert) would have fun sliding down the hills on cardboard behind the IDES Hall.

A view from the hill overlooking the first PAFF event. Photos courtesy of Alicia Bennett.

The reason I decided to write about this event was my daughter Cheryl’s reminder about the cover of a Children’s Services Guide that we printed in 1995. Guess who was on the cover? Over the years, my two grandsons have appeared on many covers.

Michael, Cheryl and Robert, Thanksgiving Day 2010.

Even though he is now a college student and member of a rock band, he’s still our Mike and cute as ever! Happy birthday!

Gwen O’Neill