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News from the Coastside Farmer’s Markets

Monday, July 25th, 2011

by Erin Tormey

Well Marketeers,

If plucking your way through piles of plump peaches, mounds of succulent sweet corn, lush armloads of lettuces, rugged romanesco, and (finally, finally, finally!) firm, rich tomatoes to the lively rhythms of a 12 piece marimba band while you choose a free bodice-busting-psyco-thriller to enjoy later in the day- on the chaise, perhaps, with an energizing tisane of local ginger & wildflower honey while a perfectly charming troubadour sings sweet songs of longing and delight- does not say summer to you? It does to me … (more…)

5 Fabulous Picnic Spots in San Mateo County

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Spring at San Gregorio State Park south of Half Moon Bay, Calif. Photo courtesy of Sharon Worth, Worth Photography.

From our archives— August 2010

by Liz Hamill

Summer’s in full bloom, which means kids out of school, the occasional stunning fogless day, and picnics. Picnics can be as simple as lemonade and sandwiches on paper plates or as majestic as a five-course gourmet feast served on white linen with silver and crystal. I like to think of picnics as celebrations mixed with self-care. Far less expensive than an afternoon at a spa, a picnic still takes me out of my day-to-day grind and lets me spend a couple of hours delighting my senses.

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