The Peat-Fire Flame in Concert

The Peat-Fire Flame HouseConcert-1

Shauna Pickett-Gorden and Colyn Fischer. Photo: Dyanne Hendricks.

The Peat-Fire Flame Duo have scheduled a House Concert on February 18, 2012, 7:30 p.m. in Montara, CA.

House concerts are getting very popular as musicians and audiences get together to celebrate music and the performing artists. House concerts were the norm in Europe in the Classical Era and all levels of society played an instrument. The population in general was very musically educated and family life often revolved around making music together.

To celebrate spring, Colyn Fischer and Shauna Pickett-Gorden have planned a concert of violin and piano music most of which the audience will never have. They will feature a mix of eras, including some tunes that are 400 years old and some recent compositions.

The concert will include:

Scintillating strathspeys and rockin’ reels …

Mad marches and jolly jigs …

Airs to warm your heart and moisten your eye …

Stories to go along with the music and as always … the duo’s amazing free improvisations.

$15 donation plus a potluck snack

RSVP very soon, as Shauna’s living room can hold only so many!




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