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As some of you know, I have been making plans to retire as the publisher of CoastViews Magazine. We have been unable to interest anyone in continuing the magazine, therefore the December 2013 issue was the last. will continue with Kellie Morlock. You will be able to keep up with the live entertainment on the Coastside by signing up for the weekly e-blast.   Meeting interesting people with fascinating stories and showcasing local photographers has always been a highlight of preparing each new issue. The Coastside has been an inspiration for so many — from people starting new businesses that care for body and soul, to others creating works of art with passion and dedication — and CoastViews has been glad to share their stories with you.   Editor Jeri Dansky and I both enjoy having random people see us in town, recognize us from CoastViews, and tell us how much they like the magazine. Dansky mentioned some of her favorite things about editing CoastViews: “Seeing new writers develop into better writers, as I in turn became a better editor. Enjoying the teamwork among us — the writers, me as editor, Jean as proofreader, and Gwen as publisher — all working to make the magazine as good as we could get it.”  

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CoastViews Magazine was published every month for over 23 years beginning in 1990, covering stories of local personalities, events and businesses. We will maintain the website to continue offering the extensive content and honor the contributions of the writers and staff.  

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